A Quiet Night

Sometimes a boring weeknight can bring the most unexpected adventures. The house was quiet, as she had run to the grocery store to get a few things that would be needed in the morning. I was enjoying myself as I browsed the web for interesting articles when the doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone, especially at that time of night, so I assumed it was the television or maybe, I was just imagining it. Then it rang again. Curious, I went to the door to see who could possibly be outside.

I looked out the window and didn’t see any cars that didn’t belong in the driveway, but I opened the door anyway and found a woman in a green coat and high heeled black boots. She was shivering in the light rain. The look of confusion on my face led her to give me a detailed explanation about how her car broke down out on the main road. She said she did not have a cell phone with her so she began walking, looking for a house with a light on. Her story sounded real and she looked so cold, that I decided to invite her in. She hesitated a moment, concerned my wife might be upset to find her there. I assured her my wife would not want me to leave her wandering up and down our dark road looking for assistance, so she came in.

I offered to take her coat as I led her to the kitchen to find the telephone. She declined, telling me she was still chilled so she would prefer to leave it on. As I gave her another look, I couldn’t help but notice her black stockings under her boots disappearing under her knee length coat. I let my eyes move slowly toward her face realizing I could not see evidence of a blouse or sweater at the top of her coat. I felt my cock swell in my pants a bit as I realized the irony of the fact that I had just shared with my wife how much I would like to see her dressed this way.

After she got off the phone, she told me that the tow truck was going to take a while and she shyly asked if I would like her to go wait at her car. Something in the way she batted her eyes at me as she asked this told me she desperately wanted me to say no, so I told her I would be happy to keep her company while she waited and I offered her a drink, which she accepted. I again offered to take her coat telling her I could go upstairs to get her a blanket to keep her warm as her coat was wet and she was still shivering. She smiled at me and lightly licked her lips as she took a sip of her drink. I took this as a “yes” and went up to the bedroom to grab a clean blanket.

As I came out of the closet with the blanket, I found her standing in the doorway to my bedroom. She grinned seductively at me and told me she wished there was a way she could repay me for my hospitality, as she dropped her coat. I felt my excitement grow as she revealed that I was correct, she was not wearing anything under that green coat besides her stockings, a black garter belt and a black bra. I found myself drinking in each and every curve as she shifted in her high heeled boots, pretending to be concerned that my wife might not like me accepting her gratitude. For a brief moment, I thought about calling my wife quickly to be sure, but I didn’t want this moment to pass so took a step closer to her and stroked her round ass, promising her that my wife wouldn’t want me to pass up such an opportunity. This was apparently just what she needed to hear because as soon as I said it, she pushed me onto the bed straddling my waist as she began to kiss me. I could feel her wetness dripping out through my shirt and struggled to remove it so I could feel her hot wetness on my skin.

She continued to kiss me deeply as if she was desperate for my tongue to fill her while she skillfully removed my belt and freed my now engorged penis from my pants. She whispered to me that she loved the feel of my smooth cock in her hand, and could not wait to feel it’s slight curve tease her to orgasm while she rode it, but that first she wanted to taste me. She turned and sat her pussy just above my mouth as she began to vigorously suck my cock. Her cunt hovered right over my mouth and I imagined that she must taste sweet, based on the intoxicating aroma that was overwhelming me. I couldn’t help myself, I had to devour that sweet flower, so I flipped her over and ground my face in between that sexy black garter belt, bringing her to her first orgasm for the evening. She moaned with pleasure as her juices poured out of her in waves. After she regained her composure a bit, she rolled over and presented her cunt for me, on her knees, her heart shaped ass high in the air and she begged me to slide my cock into her wet slit.

I slowly slid my cock into her, taking my time moving it in and out, teasing her. This was not enough for her and she told me she had to feel me pounding her as she began bucking her hips back against me, her vagina squeezing me deeper inside of her. I rode her hard and fast, my mind focused on that garter belt that was exactly the one I had fantasized about my wife wearing. She came on me over and over again as I fucked her. As I noticed the puddle on the bed I share with my wife, she looked over her shoulder at me and told me how lucky my wife must be to have this cock whenever she wanted and I filled her with my warm, hot load, my cum mixing with hers and spilling out of her pussy with my last thrusts.

With that, she thanked me again for my assistance and put on her coat, just as we saw lights coming down the driveway. Her tow truck had arrived so I walked her to the door and said goodnight, while anxiously anticipating my wife’s arrival....

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Lust and Confused said...

Hm... you really should write more stories. You definitely have a knack for them ;)

(And we all would love to find out what else is lurking inside your head!)

- Arthur