Hot Pink Panties

It is not our typical Saturday night. This evening we are going to my 20 year high school reunion, which brings back so many memories of being 16 and falling in love for both of us. As I get out of the shower, I find myself overtaken by a vision of the first time we saw each other completely naked. It was so distracting that I had to take a break from drying my hair to make you taste my pussy, if only for a minute. As I thrust onto your tongue I can hear you tell me how my pussy is so different than it was when we were teenagers. The color of my vulva is so dark when I am turned on, the womanly shape of my full mound, not to mention the confidence I exude as I pivot my hips to cover your face with my lips and clitoris....

Sadly, though, we are running late so I am forced to pull myself away from tongue to finish getting ready because like everyone else getting ready for a reunion, I want to look my best. This means donning my hot pink silk and lace panties under my outfit as I remember the days of wearing a uniform to school so the only way to add a little something extra was by wearing cute underwear, that if I was lucky, my boyfriend would get to see. Before I can step into them however, I notice you have snatched them from the dressing table. You combined with women’s underwear has never been something I considered as sexy before, so imagine my surprise at the wetness I feel between my legs when I see you slowly stroking your swelling cock with my sexiest pair of panties. I feel my lips begin to quiver as you increase the speed of your stroke and I see the head of your cock get all shiny. You know we are behind schedule so you don’t take your time in unloading your “weapon.” I see the dirty grin on your face as you abruptly stop stroking yourself and deposit a small pearl of your semen onto the crotch of my panties with the promise more to come at the end of our evening. I step into them and pull them up tightly to my crotch and feel the your slippery gift make contact with my engorged vulva.

As exciting as the night is reconnecting with old friends, reminiscing about the fun we had, and laughing at the insecurities we felt as teenagers and have gladly left behind, it doesn’t compare with the longing I feel as I think about the little present I am keeping in my naughty bits. I can almost feel myself grinding my clitoris on the head of your cock as you take my hand and lead me to the car, just like we did after our first high school dance.

By the time we have made it home, I can no longer focus on anything other than satisfying the urge I have to mix my cum with yours. I let you take care of the babysitter and run upstairs to undress. You are only a few minutes behind me, but before you make it upstairs I have already had one powerful orgasm with the help of my Eroscillator and am sitting in a puddle of my own sex juices. I tear your pants open to unleash the object of my desire. I can’t get those hot pink panties around your cock quickly enough and I frantically stroke you, feeling the combination of the silk, lace, and your skin in my hands. When you climax, I mop up every last bit of your cum with my panties and know that I have one more orgasm left for myself. As I rub my soaked panties over my dripping cunt, that image I caught of you first stroking yourself with them comes back to me and instantly the waves of my orgasm pulse through my vagina.

When we are all done, and curled up under the covers with our naked bodies together, I remember the days so long ago when we only wished we could spend a whole night together and I am grateful that I can fall asleep in your arms.


Lust and Confused said...

You should absolutely add this as a submission to the erotic stories category for next months' e-lust newsletter ( ... although you might have to wrestle Kidder for it; only one submission per blog each month ;)

Thanks for sharing.

- Arthur

Kidder Kaper said...

Good idea! Jade, I'm very proud of you. Nice first story. I hope there will be many more.

Anonymous said...

Loving all the stories you guys have added here. They are all so sensual. Not your usual "wham bam whack to it" erotica you see on most sites. Actual intelligent stories that well written are a breath of fresh air to read.

Sanath kumar said...

Nice Pics uploaded by the author i like it. Also It's always nice and eye pleasing to see girls in hot panties. Sharing images of girls in panties is nothing but a social work that one can do for the benefit of male fertinity on this planet.