Top to Bottom

Barely awake I reach over to her side of the bed and realize that she is already gone. I raise my head and squint my eyes to see the envelope left behind on her pillow. Clumsily, I prop my head up on my pillow and tear open the envelope. I strain my eyes to focus on the note inside. 
I’ve got some errands to run but will be back in the afternoon. If you clean the house from top to bottom, I will return with a surprise that will knock your socks off. 
Hugs and kisses 
I run my finger over the red lipstick impression that she left on the note and feel a tingle at the base of my morning erection. I head into the bathroom to take a shower and give myself a nice orgasm to start my day. I toss my boxers in the laundry chute and hop into the shower. I notice another note hanging from the shower head. 
Wash yourself from top to bottom but do not allow yourself to cum. I want you to thoroughly wash your cock and ass for me. Before you get out of the shower, I want you to lubricate and insert the butt plug that I left for you on the ledge. Keep it in your tight little ass while you are doing your chores today and I will reward you with the best fuck you’ve ever had. 
Hugs and kisses
With disbelief I read the note again and wonder what got into her. She’s never this premeditated. With excitement I do as I am told and soap up my body taking extra time washing my cock and balls and scrub between my ass cheeks. My erection grows painfully erect and I begin to wonder how I am supposed to make it through the morning much less into the afternoon. I rinse and grab the lube and bright blue butt plug she left for me. I drip some lubrication on the head of the plug and take a deep breath as I bend over and rub it against my anus. I feel the first tickle of pleasure as I push it inside. I feel my anus stretch and then contract around the flared base. I wiggle my ass from side to side to feel it dance across my prostate gland. The pleasure is exquisite yet agonizing. It is just enough pressure to make my body obsess about releasing its semen, yet not nearly enough to actually make me cum. 
I dry off and search for clothes loose enough to accommodate my erection without causing me undue discomfort. I find a pair of surgical scrubs that I liberated from the hospital where I work. I throw them on sans boxers, as I need all the room I can get. I laugh at the enormous tent that my cock has created in the baggy blue scrubs. 
I wipe the steam off the mirror and see another envelope taped to the mirror. 
Boy Toy,
Scrub all the tiles in the bathroom and don’t forget the grout.
I love you
My shoulders slump as I begin to regret designing such a luxurious bathroom when we built our house. Soon I’m on my hands and knees sporting yellow rubber gloves and a giant sponge as I scrub back and forth on the tile. I’m panting as the plug fucks my ass with every motion. I have to hand it to her; she certainly knows how to motivate me to clean with vigor. I’m dripping sweat as I furiously attack the floor pushing back and forth. My entire body is flooded with euphoric warmth that I cannot extinguish no matter how fast I thrust back and forth on the plug.
I stand and admire the tile that is now sparkling from all of my toil. I head to the kitchen and pour an icy glass of water. My thirst burns as the sound of the water pouring tickles my ears with anticipation. The water cools my mouth and throat and I realize that it must be ninety-degrees in here. I head to the thermostat to figure out what is going on. Taped to the temp control is another envelope. I wipe the sweat from my brow as I read it.
Hot, Sweaty Man,
Don’t touch the dial. I want you hot and steamy when I return. Now, I want you to polish all the wood in the kitchen from top to bottom. I hope you haven’t polished your own wood yet as your semen belongs to me and I’m going to need a lot of it. 
Your ass is mine
Who put a nickel in her today? She’s never this mysterious. She’s never this devious. Damn I’m turned on. 
I grab the wood oil and step ladder. I shiver with pleasure as my anus stretches around the plug when I climb up the ladder. I apply a generous amount of oil to the cloth and meticulously polish the amber mahogany of our cabinets. I finish all of the cabinets on the top and work my way to the trim on the counter. I cannot help but rock back and forth on the butt plug as I sit on the floor polishing the bottom cabinets. The itchy desire to relieve myself of semen is excruciating. My scrubs are soaked through with sweat and large circle of precum had soaked through the tent above my engorged cock. With desperation I bounce up and down on the plug as I polish the wood to a beautiful shine. I stand up and admire my hard work. I slam another glass of ice cold water and head to the rest of the house so see what remains to be done. I spend the rest of the day vacuuming and cleaning all the while reminded of my blissful torture each time I bend over to pick up items from the floor. 
I wander from room to room and admire my pleasant surroundings and the fruits of my labor. I am overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment that is only overshadowed by my desire to be fucked by my beautiful wife. As I wind up the cord to the vacuum cleaner, I hear her car in the driveway. A pleasant sigh escapes my lips as I realize that my desire will soon be quenched. 
She comes in carrying a shopping bag and kisses me on the lips. Her skin is cool and refreshing from the air-conditioning in her car. “You have done a great job and you deserve the surprise that I promised you.” She leads me by the hand and we head up to the bedroom. She puts the bag on the dresser and it drops heavily making metal clinks from the mysterious contents. “Is the plug in your ass like I ordered?” I nod my head. “Well show me yours and I’ll show you mine.” I pull on the drawstring of my scrubs and they fall to my ankles heavy with sweat. As I do, she lifts her short summer dress revealing not only that she isn’t wearing panties, but also the absence of the little triangle of pubic hair that she normally prunes and maintains into perfect symmetry. “I decided to have a Brazilian at the spa.” It is beautifully smooth and inviting as she runs her hands down to feel her freshly waxed sex. A perfect triangle of untanned mound is surrounded by her sun kissed skin that clearly illustrates that she sunbathes nude. 
With my mouth gaping open in desire she tells me to turn around and show her my plug. She pushes on my back forcing me to bend over. She pushes on the plug with her finger, teasing me even more. “Good boy! Are you ready to get fucked from top to bottom?” She lifts off my shirt and traces a finger down my wet chest. “I love the way you smell when you are covered in fresh sweat.” She reaches into her bag and pulls out a pair of leather wrist restraints. She winks as she binds them to each of my hands. She throws a towel down over the footboard of our bed and bends me over the towel. With great excitement I allow her to tie both of my wrists to the bed posts. 
She pulls her dress off and sits on the bed naked in front of me.  She plops the bag down between her spread legs, denying me the ability to gaze into her spread labia. Reaching into the bag she reveals a leather harness. Lying on her back she puts on the harness and buckles it tightly to her hips. She winks at me and attaches a blue dildo to the harness. 
“Do you like my cock?” I ignore her question as I study the slender cock topped by a large mushroom head. “Do you want to suck my cock?” I ignore her again as she moves to her knees bringing the head of the cock to my lips. “Open your mouth and suck my cock.” With trancelike obedience, I feel my jaw lower and lips stretch around the large head. With her hand on the shaft she guides it into my mouth. “Do you want me to fuck your stretched cunt with my cock?” I close my eyes and imagine what her cock will feel like in my ass as she thrusts back and forth on my tongue. “Yea get it nice and wet for me so I can fuck your ass with my slippery cock.” She slowly pulls all the way out of my mouth resting the head on my lips and then pushes it to the back of my throat. I hold my breath with a mixture of excitement and pleasure as she fucks my mouth. 
My ass grips tightly to the plug and my cock rests painfully hard against the footboard. She pulls out of my mouth and gives me a quick slap on the cheek with her cock. She gets off the bed and stands behind me. I stretch my neck to watch her but it is impossible from my bound position.  She grabs my ass with one hand and grips the plug with her other. “Push it out into my hand honey. I need that plug out so I can fuck you with my big cock.” I push and feel the flared base of the plug stretch my anus. As it slides out I feel empty and feel an overwhelming desire to be filled again. 
She spreads my ass cheeks with her hands as she begins to slide her cock back and forth inside my slippery crack. I can’t stand the teasing any longer and wiggle my ass in an attempt to catch the head of her cock as it slides past my anus. “Do you want me to fuck your wet cunt?”  “Please!” I beg her.  “Say it!” She demands of me. “Say you want me to fuck your hungry cunt with my big cock!” “Please put your cock in me and fuck my cunt. Fuck me and make me cum. I need it!”
She unties my hands and tells me to lie down on the bed. She reties my hands to the posts on the head board and places a pillow underneath my ass. She kneels between my legs and raises my knees over her shoulders. Bringing her hips towards me I feel the head of her cock pushing against my ass. I look into her eyes and whisper, “Yes.” She stares back and pushes forward. The large head stretches my ass much larger than the plug. She pushes further and with a pop it is inside. Again I feel filled and I sigh with relief. She slides in until I can feel the leather straps against my ass. She holds herself still pushing firmly against my engorged prostate gland. It is bliss and it is torture. 
I begin to rock my hips and beg her to fuck me. She responds to my needful desire and pulls slowly back until the head begins to stretch my anus again. I squeeze my ass tightly in an attempt to keep her from removing her cock. She pushes back in and I am flooded with pleasure as she again reconnects with my prostate. I throw my head back and breathe in, filling my lungs with air. I hold my breath and she slowly thrusts in and out. I can’t believe how good it feels. I am just an inch away from coming and with each thrust I grow closer. I cry out and thrash at my bounds begging for release not from my bondage, but from the pressure building in my body. 
Heavy testicles bounce with every thrust she delivers to my body. Cum flows from my cock forming a slick pool on my pelvis, yet I am not having an orgasm. She continues to milk my prostate with her cock and continues her slow assault on my ass. I beg her to touch my cock and make me cum but she responds by rubbing her hand in my cum, avoiding my cock completely. She brings her cum soaked hand to my mouth and I eagerly suck it from her fingers. She does this again and again and I feel myself growing closer to climax with every drop I swallow. 
“Fuck me harder!” I beg but she simply continues her slow full stroke in and out. I am so close and so far. I can’t stand it any longer. “Please make me cum!” I plead looking into her eyes. But she responds only by stopping and slowly pulling out of my ass. “Fuck, I can’t stand it, I have to cum you cruel bitch!” “You want to cum? You really want it? Do you want my to fuck you hard and fast?” “Yes! Yes! Yes! Please!” I throw my head back in disbelief of her torture. 
She strokes her hand on my cock scooping up a handful of cum and lubricates her cock. I look up as she forcefully re-enters me. Being refilled feels divine as my own cum coats the inside of my ass. She tightly grips my cock in her hand and quickly strokes it up and down while fucking my ass with complete abandon. I grit my teeth and moan. As I tightly close my eyes I feel my testicles tighten. My mind is flooded with the drugs of my orgasm and suddenly I am no longer in my body. I feel no gravity. I hear no sound. I am released. I feel nothing but pleasure that is both sharp and smooth. It is both constant and it comes in waves. It is beyond comprehension and it is impossible to describe.

I forget that I am here bound to this bed. I have no memory of her hand on my cock or knowledge of her’s in my ass. The pleasure is the only thing in my mind and there is no room for anything else.
White. I see white. Ceiling, I am seeing the white ceiling. I am back and my senses are returning. I can still taste the bliss as it slowly leaves me allowing me re-enter my body. I slowly get back the sensation and realization that my hands are still tied to the bed. Her head is on my arm and I look to her. She smiles at me. I feel wet cum cooling on my pelvis. My ass feels wet and sated. I feel completely perfect.
She unties my hands and places them beside me. I do not yet feel up to moving. She says nothing as if she understands that I cannot yet speak. She rests her head on my shoulder and traces her finger through the giant puddle of cum on my torso. She licks her finger allowing a moan of delight escape from her mouth. 
I reach for my scrubs and wipe the cum from my body. I turn and look at her. She smiles beautifully, proud of herself and all that she has accomplished. She got a clean house and gave her husband a roundtrip to heaven. She later told me that I was in an orgasmic trance for nearly an hour before I came back to reality. Wow. That was incredible. 

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Oh god... I remember this one from your erotica episode
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