Sage & Harper

I called Kidder and told him I was going over to their house for drinks while he was recording his show. He told me to have fun and that he’d call me when they were on break. As I drove over to Sage and Harper’s house, I couldn’t help but notice how excited I was to see them. They are a very hot couple that we got to know a couple of years ago and we were happy to find that they, like us, enjoyed the idea of living life a little less ordinary. Sage is a beautiful bisexual woman, and Harper is a sexy Italian guy much like Kidder. The four of us have played together a handful of times, one of them turned into a very hot foursome that started with an exciting make-out session and ended in a hot MGS session. They are both exceptionally good kissers and they have been major players in sexual fantasies that Kidder and I often share while in the throes of passion.
I got to their house and was quickly greeted with hugs and kisses from both of them. The three of us sat out on the deck, talked and laughed while drinking wine. We were all flirting a lot with each other and enjoying each other’s company as the sun sank beneath the treeline. When Harper went inside to get another bottle of wine, Sage slowly walked toward me, her eyes locked on mine like a predator stalking its prey. She startled me in my chair and kissed me hard. I felt my inner labia moisten and I returned her kiss. My hands cupped her perfect breasts through her tight, sexy tee shirt.
Harper walked back out on the deck talking on my iPhone that I left on their kitchen table. He took a look at us, stopped in his tracks, and told the person on the phone, “Sage is making out with Jade.” Then he laughed and handed me the phone. It was Kidder calling while they were between show segments. “Sounds like you are having fun!” He said. I looked up at Sage who leaned back and smiled up at Harper. “Yeah, I’m starting to have a pretty good time over here” I said as I smiled back at them. “You are going to need me to pick you up tonight aren’t you?” Kidder asks sensing that I had perhaps had more than a couple glasses of wine. “Yes! Could you? Will you be here soon?” I responded with a playful tone. “No I’ve got another segment to record tonight and won’t be able to get out of here for at least another forty-five minutes, but you go ahead and have fun for the both of us. I expect a great story from you tonight,” He said with an encouraging laugh. I promised him I would and told him to have fun recording. I took a little dirty pleasure thinking of him completely distracted while he conducted his last interview of the evening.
After tasting Sage’s sweet lips and now that I had Kidder’s permission, I decided to take this party to the next phase and began to reach under her tee shirt so that I could feel the weight of her breasts in my hands. She responded by smiling and pulling Harper closer to us. She rubbed the bulge in his jeans with one hand and unzipped his fly with the other. Within seconds his erection was hanging out of his jeans between us as I sat pinned by her in my chair. She placed her hand under his balls and pulled him toward her mouth. She licked the bottom of his penis while staring into my eyes. I leaned forward and she and I kissed while taking turns sucking and licking his rock hard cock. Harper inhaled deeply, enjoying the attention were were giving him, and suggested that we move this party up to their bedroom.
We got up and began making our way upstairs to their bedroom, shedding clothes the entire way. She and I threw ourselves onto their bed kissing and necking like horny teenagers. She pushed me onto my back and began sucking my tits. She came back up, kissed me and pushed her breasts against mine. I spread my legs and brought my knees up so that I could feel her mound against my vulva. I panted as she kissed me and ground her crotch into my clitoris. I’ve never wanted a women so bad in all my life. Harper got behind her and grabbed her hips pulling her back onto her knees. On her hands and knees, she guided herself back onto his cock, smiling at me with excitement once he was fully inside of her.
She leaned down, kissed me and brought her hand down between by breasts, past my navel, and began rubbing my wet pussy. She moaned into my mouth as she kissed me with each pelvic thrust he gave her. Every so often she’d stop kissing and would whisper in my ear. “Oh, he’s fucking me so well! Do you want to feel his cock in you? Do you want him to fuck you?” I kissed her neck, telling her, “Yes!” He was really plowing into her now and she stopped fingering me and got back on all fours. I looked up to see her above me cringing in pleasure, her tits swinging back and forth above mine each time pounded into her. I reached down to feel how wet I was and then I slowly turned my hand around to feel his balls as they slapped into her clitoris.
I bent my knees and lifted my hips in an attempt get my pussy as close to the action as possible. She pointed her ass upward and stiffened her whole body as she began her orgasm. Her moans became high pitched and her breathing became shallow. Feeding on her excitement, I brought my bent knees up on ether side of her, almost as if I wished to catch a piece of her orgasm with my wide open, upturned cunt. Breathing heavily in the aftermath of her climax, she leaned forward and threw herself down beside me. She placed her hand flat on my engorged vulva and spread her fingers, pulling my labia apart. Harper was still on his knees, glistening with sweat and sporting a hard, upturned cock, dripping wet with her cum.
She kissed me and asked if I’d still like to feel his cock in me. I responded by spreading my legs wider. She winked at him and he knew what to do as if they’d rehearsed this moment hundreds of times before. He lowered himself onto me and guided his wet cock between her fingers, past my swollen labia, and deep into my wet cunt. He held still and kissed me, with his balls pressed hard into me. I kissed him back as I wrapped my legs around him. With my heels poking into his ass I begged for him to begin thrusting into me. He broke off his kiss with me and began to oblige me by slowly pivoting his hips into me. She kept her hand between us, feeling him thrust in and out of me as he increased the speed and depth of his assault.
They both took turns kissing me as he fucked me. I dropped my legs down so that my feet were on the backs of his firm calves and arched my back. I knew it wouldn’t be long for either of us now. It was too good, too hot, and were all way too worked up! I squeezed her tit with one hand and grabbed his shoulder with my other. In-between panicked breaths I gasped, “I’m going to cum on your cock, Harper! Cum in my pussy!” Which I repeated again and again with more and more intensity until I felt my body release my climax which surged throughout my whole body. I felt it in my toes, my ribs, my breasts, my whole head tingled, and especially in my vagina that was getting its first taste of a new cock. Something that it hadn’t tasted in nearly twenty years. I felt my pussy gush cum on his cock, her hand, and dripping down his balls which were smacking hard into my ass. As soon as he felt this, he growled and gave me exactly what I had been asking for. He pushed into me hard and held still as I felt the first convulsion of his big stiff cock shoot hot cum deep inside of me. I nearly screamed as I felt it. He pulled out just a little and pushed in again, giving my cunt another dose of his hot semen. Again and again he continued to empty himself into me until he finally collapsed on top of me. All of us breathing heavy.
As he softened inside of me, we all began to laugh and giggle. Harper lifted himself off of me and kissed Sage. She smiled at me and I smiled back. We pulled ourselves together and wandered back downstairs retrieving our clothing as we went. Sage said, “Thank you. We’d been fantasizing about doing this with you for a very long time. Will Kidder be alright with everything we did?” I answered with a wink in my eye, “Yeah. I think he’ll be just fine. We’ve been fantasizing about you two for a very long time too.
Just then we saw Kidder’s headlights as he pulled into the driveway. I gave them both a peck on the cheek and thanked them for a wonderful night. I ran out to meet Kidder who was just stepping out of the car. I ran around and got in the passenger door and said, “Take me home and fuck me now or lose me forever.” with a healthy dose of humor in my voice. He got back into the car and said, “What happened to you to get you all hot and bothered?” I kissed him on the cheek and whispered, “I’ll tell you all about it on the way home.”
On the way home I told him everything. From the flirting to the first kiss. To the bumbling  de-robing up the stairs to their bedroom. I told him about making out with Sage and how hot it was to be underneath her while Harper fucked her from behind. I was talking a million miles a minute with all the excitement of what I had just done, when I realized he’d not said a word or asked even one question. I slowly reached over and placed my hand on his lap and found a very stiff cock under his jeans. I asked him if he was ok with all of this as I unzipped his jeans to free him from his very uncomfortable confines. He reached around my hand and shifted the car into a higher gear and asked without taking his eyes off the road, “Did he fuck you?” With panic I stroked his cock gently with my hand and answered him honestly. “He paused as he shifted the car again. “Did you enjoy it?” he asked. “Yes! It was fantastic.” I answered and with that I continued telling him the story, being careful not to leave out any detail that he might enjoy hearing.
We pulled into the driveway, bolted out of the car, and ran into the house, him grabbing his pants at the waist to keep them from falling down to his ankles and tripping him.  I couldn’t get my top off fast enough as we sprinted up the stairs to our bedroom. There in our moonlit room we stood, short of breath from running and from our shared excitement. “One more question...” He quizzed, “Did he cum in you? Did he cum in your pussy?”
Saying nothing I removed the rest of my clothes, climbed on to our bed and spread my legs for him to inspect my cum-soaked and well fucked pussy. I felt my heart pounding in my chest as I lay there on my back with him between my legs, seeing and smelling everything that had resulted from my tryst with our two hot friends. Suddenly I heard his belt clink as it hit the floor and his hands on my ankles as carefully placed them on each of his shoulders. I told him I loved him as he guided his cock easily into me. He told me he loved me too once he was inside. He then proceeded to fuck me deeper and with more meaning than he’d ever fucked me before. His cock was huge and it plunged his predecessor's semen out of me. I came quickly and my vagina was again gushing cum. My own juices and Harper semen were dripping from my cunt as Kidder mercilessly mounted my pussy with complete abandon. I told him that I loved him more than I ever have as I came a second time. He leaned forward kissed me hard and gave me a few more deep thrusts as he filled me with his own orgasm.

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