Jade in the French Quarter

I talk you into it. It wasn't that hard. I tell you that all day while I'm at the conference you can explore, shop, and flirt with strangers. We meet each evening for a client dinner and then dress up and head out to the wild nightlife that made New Orleans famous. We both separate with just enough distance so we can see each other as we allow men and women to attempt to pick us up. Attractive drug reps and doctors do their best to get lucky. When one sharply dressed woman in her early thirties moves in to kiss me, I throw out my patented line, "I'm married." To which she says, "aren't we all?" Then I point you out to her and you wink back from across the room. I ask if she's interested. She breathes in deeply, somewhat afraid, but I know her answer is, "yes!" Our game for the first night is in the bag and we head back to her hotel room where we both get our fill of her, each other, and then some. 
You meet other interesting people throughout the day. Some you introduce me to in the evening. Some nights we play, others we don't, but it is the last night that you are most looking forward to. On our first night in the hotel he texted you and asked if you were lonely at home. You tell him you decided to join me since he was only a few hours away. You asked his wife if her carte blanche offer was still on the table as you'd like to trade in that blank check for a threesome with me and him. She agrees and we both know how we'll be spending our last night in this southern river town. The two of us will be fucking you well into the wee hours of the night, fulfilling every threesome fantasy you've ever had or can imagine. In the morning he gets up and gets into the shower. You hug me turning your head to see his naked outline in the frosted glass. I ask you, "Do you want him one more time?" You smile and nod. I motion half-awake to go for it. I hear the two of you giggling, then suddenly you both begin panting and moaning. I look and I see your tits and bush pushed up against the glass facing me. He's behind you slowly stroking his cock in and out of you from behind. On your tippy-toes you balance yourself for his long slow assault on your g-spot. Your hands alternate between pushing against the glass and reaching behind you to pull him deeper into you. 
He pulls out and you turn around he reaches under your ass and pins you back up against the glass with your legs wrapped around his hips. I can see your tattoo perfectly through the glass as he re-enters you. After you sink onto his cock he grabs your thighs and begins thrusting into you with great speed. I can hear the water and the smacking of your mound against his. You are crying out and I know your orgasm is near. He senses you clamping down on his cock and his orgasm erupts just before yours hits. I hear your well timed climaxes from the echoes of the bathroom and watch as he thrusts himself deeply into you with each spasm of his orgasm. You continue to cum on his cock while he empties himself into your well-fucked cunt. 
My cock is on fire, huge, red, and in need of attention. I watch as he slowly lowers you to the floor and disengages his cock from your wet pussy. I see you kiss him and then dash out of the shower without so much as grabbing a towel. You come to the edge of the bed nearly prancing. You look at my cock and say, "I'd say you found that nearly as arousing as I did. I'm a little wet but if you don't mind I could sure go for some of that reclamation sex we love so much. You jump into the bed dripping wet and shivering and pull the covers over both of us. As I mount you, I grab my cock and rub it up and down your slick labia I say, "Aren't you glad you decided to join me on one of these work trips?" And you say, "Aren't you glad your sister could take the kids and dog?" I push my cock in you slowly, causing his semen to seep from the opening and drip on my scrotum and down your ass. "Not nearly as happy as I am that you got your IUD before this trip!" 

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Anonymous said...

Holy crap that was soooo hot! Keep it up! That was awesome!