Art Appreciation

After a few weeks of negotiations over the phone I finally landed a major art installation for FKS at the Simon Mall in Orlando. I don’t know shit about art but I do know how to sell ideas and get top dollar for them. The series they bought was a rather ugly mess of splotches of paint that looked quite haphazardly dripped on the canvass. I have no idea why anyone would want this crap but who am I to judge. A dollar is a dollar and helping a friend get paid to do what they love is never a bad thing. 

So together, FKS and I flew down to sign the papers, collect a big check and attend an unveiling event at the mall. After the legalities were completed we dressed up in our fancy pants and hit the hotel lobby to wait for our ride to the unveiling. I got a text from Mrs. Robinson who knew we were in town. She said that she couldn’t make it to the mall due to a previous engagement that would delay her making the several hour long drive into town but would like to meet us both for a drink afterwards. 
The event was the same as they always are. Pretentious art aficionados wandered aimlessly to and fro belching out their interpretations of the “meaning” of the splotches on the canvass and making comparisons to previous artists who all met with disturbingly depressing endings to their lives. FKS stood in the center joining in with the discussion. From the shadows I raised my drink to him and he gave me a nod back without even taking a pause from his conversation. I was proud of him for his achievement, that being taking money from these pretentious suckers. 
I felt my phone buzz in my pocket and retrieved it as I took a sip of my gin and tonic. As my thumb swiped open the email from Mrs. Robinson I choked spitting an ice cube back into my glass. In the email was a photo of her skirt pulled up exposing her labia and neatly trimmed bush. Under the image was a short note reading, “Oops. I forgot my panties. ;)Looking forward to seeing you and FKS. I’ll be there in about an hour. <3 Mrs. Robinson.” I exhaled, spun on my heel and ordered another drink from the bar tender. 
I told our driver that we’d be ready to leave in a few minutes and gathered FKS for our departure. “Always leave them wanting more.” I told him as I ushered him through the crowd of back pats and handshakes. Once inside the limo I poured him a bourbon and congratulated him myself. “We’re a pretty good team.” He offered back as we clinked our glasses together. “Where we off to now?” He asked as he looked out the window. “We’re meeting a friend from Desire.” I said as I swished the dark liquid in my glass. He looked back and smiled with a bit of a quizzing expression. “You’ll see soon enough my good man. You’ll see.” I said with a devilish grin.
We got back to the hotel just as the sun was beginning to set. The air was wet and warm and was a nice reprieve from the dry chill of a Minnesota winter. We entered the hotel bar which was empty, shy of a cute redhead siting in a corner booth. As we walked over she scooted out and gave us both hugs and kisses before we all sat down with her in-between us. 
Before we could even engage in conversation the waitress delivered me a Tangueray 10 martini, up neat with four olives and a double whisky for FKS. “Impressive!” I thought as I thanked Mrs. Robinson for ordering our favorites for us. As FKS filled her in on the events of the evening I allowed my hand to wander under the table to her leg and then slowly up her thigh. I knew that soon I’d be coming into contact with her wetness that I’d missed so much ever since the last day of the Desire trip. Just as I was about to reach my prize I discovered that FKS’s hand had beaten me and was already slowly stroking her labia. We all had a good laugh which we tried to contain since our boisterousness was beginning to gain the attention of the bartender and waitress. 
“You two have made me a dripping wet mess between my legs.” She said with a grin. Quietly I whispered in her ear, “Do you want to head upstairs and allow us to make a bigger mess?” She nodded and without looking away from her, I raised my hand behind me signifying, “Check please.” 
We all piled into the elevator and FKS put his card in to get us up to the penthouse. As soon as the doors closed he and I moved in on our quarry. He moved in from behind moved her hair over and kissed her gently on the neck. I pressed my chest against her breasts and bit her ever so slightly just beneath her ear. She shivered as we placed kisses and nibbled on her. The elevator brought us directly to our room which was exactly the lavish trappings expected in the elitist art society to which we’d so smoothly conned our way into. 
I took Mrs. Robinson by the hand and led her inside toward the floor to ceiling windows which gave us an impressive view of the sun just before it sank beneath the horizon. FKS began removing buttons on her blouse as I unsnapped her skirt letting it drop to the floor. I unhooked her black lace braw as FKS gently palmed her large round breasts. Then together we ever so lightly ran our hands up and down her naked body. As my fingertips crept up her thighs she took a wider stance allowing us better access to her wet vulva which I just barely grazed with my palm. 
We led her to the bed and she stumbled into it with shaky legs. She watched us both as we slowly undressed in front of her. We timed it well so that we were both removing our underwear at the same time, exposing our swollen cocks for her to gaze upon as we joined her on the bed. She lied back and looked straight up to the ceiling as if to regain some focus as we each straddled one of her legs and lied down on either side of her. Together our hands fondled each of her breasts. We took turns kissing her deeply. First him, then me. In-between turns I kissed her neck and played with her hair. 
In tandem we both kissed our way down to her breasts and lightly sucked each of her nipples into our mouths. I rolled my tongue around her areola as I squeezed her breast with my hand from underneath. She let out a moan as the two of us serviced her gorgeous tits with wet kisses. FKS went back to kiss her as I ventured lower. I parted her legs a little more and placed my lips just below her swollen clitoris. Her sex smelled divine and my tongue gently parted her labia. As I circled her clit I heard her cry out into FKS’s mouth as he kissed her. 

I inserted a finger into her as I placed the flat of my tongue against the top of her vulva. FKS began rubbing her mound with his hand, lightly at first but then applied more pressure as I increased the speed of my licking. I inserted another finger effortlessly due to her arousal and began to thrust it in and out, making sure to keep constant pressure on her G-Spot. She turned her head to the side, breaking the kiss with FKS and began panting. I allowed her to nearly reach climax and then pressed my tongue tightly against her and held it still. She took a deep breath and held it. Her hips began to buck trying to continue the stimulation that brought her this far but I refused to allow her to cum just yet. 
I slowly removed my fingers and pulled my lips off of her sucking as I did, making a popping sound as I broke the suction. I reached over to the bedside table and grabbed a condom and handed it to FKS who quickly tore it open and rolled it down his stiff erection. I climbed beside her as he positioned himself between her legs. She raised her bent her knees a little more as he lowered himself onto her sliding his cock deep into her vagina. She gasped and grabbed his ass with one hand and reached behind my neck pulling me in for a kiss. 
I sucked her lower lip into my mouth and lightly bit it without breaking eye contact with her. Her eyes dilated with pleasure and shock from the feeling of him as he began to thrust. With long slow strokes he worked his cock in and out of her until he began a steady rhythmic pounding. I reached down and pressed my finger into her clit as he fucked her like the porn-star that he is. He buried his face into the side of her neck and changed the angle of his thrust. Her moans and cries told me with no degree of uncertainty that she was loving this experience completely.
I grabbed a condom for myself and rolled it on. FKS pulled out of her and I grabbed her ankles and firmly flipped her onto her front. On my knees grabbed her hips and pulled her up on to all fours, sinking my cock into her as she came backward. She cooed as I entered her. Keeping my hands firmly on her hips I kept myself still and rocked her back and forth so that she was providing all the motion. FKS pulled off his condom and knelt in front of her. Grabbing her by the back of her hair he guided his cock into her mouth. Together we fucked her from both ends. I enjoyed watching myself slide in and out of her and hearing her moaning on FKSs’ cock. 
After several minutes of enjoying a fantastic fuck I felt my balls begins to tighten. A few fast short thrusts later I pulled out of her and tore off the condom. She flipped onto her back with short panicked breaths. Then together FKS and I gave our cocks the last few strokes they needed and unleashed a torrent of white glistening cum all over her tits, face, and abdomen. As the last few drops landed in puddles on her tan skin I looked down and remarked, “Oooh. That is pretty.” FKS caught his breath and added, “Yeah, it is like a Jackson Pollock. See? You do appreciate art after all.”
We all had a good laugh and I threw myself down on the bed spent from the events of the evening. After wiping the sweat from my chest, I thought for a bit and asked, “Jackson who?” 

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wolfstar said...

oh grrrr, Im jealous of the redhead! that sounds like it was enormously hot!